LOOP 2014

LOOP is the annual exhibition of the study courses Media Design, Design of Interactive Media and Design of Audiovisual Media at the University of Wuppertal. LOOP 2014 was the first of its kind.


In 2014 I was the project leader of a seven-person crew whose tasks included the development of an exhibition concept, the development of a corporate design, the design of a website and accompanying print products, the associated editoral work and public relations, the development and implementation of an online application procedure, the administration of exhibits, the support of exhibitors, the organisation of the exhibition itself and the documentation.




project coordinator, press and public relations, documentation

cooperation with

Anna Bartók, Melina Günther, Jasmina Jäger, Julian Kneip, Christoph Kriebel, Michael Johannes Lux

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exhibition catalogue entrance area BotUp (Eleni Mihailidis) BotUp (Eleni Mihailidis) quote Kulturbeutel (Sophie Gnest) Schade (Elena Busmann) Herr Keuner (Carla Böwering) Herr Keuner (Carla Böwering) W.I.N. (Christoph Kriebel) Tardis (Annegret Bönemann) Nebelwanderung (Daria Henken) Farben Hören (Annegret Bönemann) Dunkelziffer (Kerstin Sausmikat) film presentation LOOP 2014 vernissage vernissage