a backpack full of stories

There is a simple, yet profound truth about stories: They are told. We tell stories to others, which naturally makes them social phenomena. If we want to get to know a person we ask them to share – and make us – a part of their story. As storytellers we choose the moments and events to talk about, which helps us reflect and clarify their emotional meaning.


After my return from a four-week travel without Internet access, I was delighted by telling travel stories in person. As I had not yet shared anything via text messages, mail or social media, I arrived with a backpack full of stories, able to complement them with photographs and imitations of the people and situations I encountered. I started to wonder, how storytelling changed in times of digital communication and the effects of the increasing use of text as a medium to talk to each other.


„A Backpack Full of Stories“ deals with the manifold layers of storytelling, carried in disparate types of communication media. Confronting the viewer with two variations of the same story, it prompts to reflect over the choice of media when telling a story.



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All storytellers.