We grow up with an expectation of continuous connection. But do we lose important human qualities by spending so much time immersed in technology? People feel rushed, isolated and enslaved by their devices. Digital-detox concepts are popping up, offering tech-free wellness holidays to regain control over digital consumption and addiction.


„Equivitus“ brings these ideas home. With this device, the user has to form a symbiotic relationship with nature insofar to preserve it. Every now and then, a plant will ask for water which will only be provided when the user sets his phone aside to charge it. Thus, „Equivitus“ bridges technology and nature, asking to rethink our relationship to both. Being straightforward, „Equivitus“ reveals that each action has consequences, makes nature dependent on man-made technology and also offers a way to change the world on a small scale through keeping a plant alive.




Yen-An Chen