The Venues of Matera 2019

„The Venues of Matera 2019“ is a project that explores places with potential to host events in the next European Capital of Culture Matera (Basilicata, Southern Italy), and was run by the Open Design School, a production and design workshop established by The Foundation Matera Basilicata 2019, operating according to the principles of open culture, peer-to-peer learning and digital manufactory.


With more than 400 venues mapped, the project provides both technical and visual information of each place and is focused not only on the historical center of Matera but also on its peripheral areas and the region, underlining the capacity of the city and region as a whole. The importance of the maps proposed is to prepare the city for its further development by transforming public spaces, pathways, fields, and architectural complexes into dynamic points to be discovered in the space, and eventually into venues able to host a variety of events from 2019 onwards.


Website „The Venues of Matera 2019“



cooperation with

Silvia Cafora (Architect),
Marco Laterza (Architect),
Pierangelo Laterza (Photographer),
Rossella Nicoletti (Urbanist),
Francesca Raimondi (Architect),
Gustavo Velho (Designer)


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Basilicata, San Severino Lucano, RB Ride di Carsten Höller Matera, Parco delle Cave, Cava del Sole, Main Area Matera, Serra Rifusa, Tensostruttura Basilicata, Aliano, Piazza Panevino Matera, Piano, Ipogeo under Piazza Vittorio Veneto Matera, Centro Direzionale, Parking Via Saragat Matera, Serra Venerdi, Parco Piazza Collonnato Basilicata, Venosa, Unfinished Church Incompiuta Matera, Pini, Piazza Pini Basilicata, Genzano, Castello Monteserico