Treffbar is a communication tool for exchanging interests in an apartment building. The tool is mounted in every household to give an overview of neighbours‘ sociableness. On the one hand it is possible to reveal your own interest via toggle switches. On the other hand you can get an overview of the neighbours‘ interests. The categories „at home“, „outside“ and „go for a drink“ may help to compare interests in advance. If the interests match your own, you can contact each other personally.


Treffbar was designed based on interviews and cultural probes taken in a trendy district of Wuppertal (DE). Revealing that people in this neighbourhood wish to have a closer relationship with their neighbours – especially with those who live in the same building – Treffbar is a low-tech solution assisting in making the first move.



cooperation with

Jasmina Jäger,
Tim Moesgen,
Sanae Machmour