window observations

Just a single press of a bell can open up a whole new world. But before we make that move, we face walls that separate our public from our private life. Yet, windows and doors represent the loopholes in these enormous and impenetrable barricades throughout the streets, giving hints who might live behind.


The photo series Window Observations explores stories of those who live behind the walls. Shot in an area of typical terraced houses, it is a snapshot of the Dutch urban culture.



basic data

24 image-story pairs
continued work


→ 2017, KONT Magazine

→ available as a book on demand

Under any circumstances, No. 41 wants people to enter the house. No. 41 applies a unique method to convince passers-by to pass by faster: No. 41 frightens, scares and thrills people. No. 41 is very reserved towards strangers, prefers to exclusively invite people who meet No. 41‘s requirements. No. 41‘s dark soul exerts an almost magnetic power of attraction, wherefore people do not enter No. 41‘s house voluntarily but get sucked inside.

No. 31 pays attention to outer appearance, styles up life. It will always stay difficult to get close to No. 31 as No. 31 isn‘t easy going with showing inner attitude. No. 31 is afraid of being judged, of being underestimated, of being looked at top down. Structures and rules help No. 31 to do so. Two symmetrically arranged flower pots with cut sunflowers, right in the middle of the window, shall convey the impression of an organised person. Withered blossoms indicate the contrary.

No. 21 is going through a process of changes. Luckily, No. 21 has manual skills, thus doesn‘t need professionals to do the renovation work for him. Furthermore, No. 21 is for sure living a very healthy lifestyle. Inspired by the healthcare sector, No. 21 decided for vertical blinds. No. 21 doesn‘t want dust to settle down. Nevertheless, the blinds are yellowed, will probably be thrown out very soon. So far, No. 21 made a clear distinction between people coming from the left or the right side. People coming from the right are welcome to have a look inside while people coming from the left are not.